This is where you will find information on my work activities, past and present.

Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust



I provide this NHS Trust with occupational physician support, both in working with the nurses in the in-house occupational health department and working directly with senior decision-makers within the Trust, advising on matter of health and work that affect healthcare workers. I have contributed to shaping the Trust's approach to risk assessment and its care of staff with pre-existing health conditions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Medical Reports and Assessments for Pension Schemes


I have extensive experience in providing reports for pension schemes, adapting my approach to the rules of the scheme in question. I have exeperience advising boards of trustees as well as assessing individuals and providing reports on the clinical matters that relate to the criteria for ill healh retirement.

Central London Consultancy - temporarily unavailable


I run a private consultancy service from consulting rooms in central London where clients and customers can be seen in medical confidence. I pride myself on an unhurried and thorough assessment service and swift turnaround time for reports and feedback. 

Collaborative Work​

I maintain a wide range of professional connections; with other occupational physicians, with occupational health nurses, with small providers, agencies, occupational hygienists, researchers, to name a few. Therefore please feel free to contact me if you need the services of more than just myself.