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This is where you will find information on my work activities, past and present.

Extensive experience working in the NHS as a Consultant Occupational Physician

During the covid pandemic, for example I worked with two NHS Trusts to provide input into covid risk assessments for clinically extremely vulnerable NHS staff members as well as providing the usual occupational health services. 
Medical Reports and Assessments for Pension Schemes


I have extensive experience in providing reports for pension schemes, adapting my approach to the rules of the scheme in question. I have exeperience advising boards of trustees as well as assessing individuals and providing reports on the clinical matters that relate to the criteria for ill healh retirement.

London-based Consultancy - currently available only for remote consultations


I run a private consultancy service in central London. I pride myself on an unhurried and thorough assessment service and swift turnaround time for reports and feedback. 

Collaborative Work​

I maintain a wide range of professional connections; with other occupational physicians, with occupational health nurses, with small providers and agencies.




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